Posted: 8 December, 2014 by Justin Hill

Mariah thinks someone's out to get her

Tags: mariah carey, christmas, leak, Shazam Top 20

So you might have seen/heard Mariah Carey's vocals from her performance at the lighting of the Rockerfeller Tree...and they were kind of...'pitchy'?

Well apparently Mariah has lashed out, saying that someone is out to get revenge on her

for not turning up to a pre-arranged taping the day before thelive event - yikes!


There's been no official word from Mimi but this 'source' says that it's hard to 'leak' a recording like that and that it must have been an inside job

In our opinion, we can only hit those notes Mariah does when we're in the shower...alone...and somehow we can't do it when screeching down a microphone at karaoke - a mystery yet to be solved

So leave her alone.

Isolated, unedited vocals of Mariah Carey's awful holiday performance

Tags: mariah carey, christmas, leak, Shazam Top 20

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