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Mel B’s Lesbian Lover Revealed

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Mel B recently revealed she had a four-year relationship with a woman… and now someone claiming to be that woman has come forward.

42-year-old Christa Parker claims they fell in love when their children became friends 10 years ago and called their sexual relationship “fun and exciting and very erotic.”

However, Mel's rep has denied the story.

“Mel has never been in a relationship with Christa. Any suggestion that she has is fabrication.”

The pair are said to have met at the school gates in Hollywood and after becoming close friends, it turned into something more one night.

“While we were talking out on the deck [of Mel's Hollywood mansion], one thing led to another and it happened,” she recalled. 

“I got into Mel's bed and she followed me in there. She told me, ‘I’m horny shall we make love?’ I said ‘OK?”

Christa also explained the supposed dynamic of their lesbian relationship.

“Melanie is very dominant and was more like the man. She was very ‘take charger’ and spontaneous and would take me by the hand and say ‘come on, let's do this.’”

Interestingly, a quick Google search of Christa Parker came up with this woman…

She was arrested and charged with skimming a customer’s credit card at the restaurant she worked at. 

And there’s this Christa Parker

According to her Myspace profile, she likes fire.



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