Posted: 1 December, 2014 by Christian Hull

Miley Wants A Showdown With J-Law

Latest Celebrity Feud!

Miley Cyrus wants to give Jennifer Lawrence a piece of her mind!

You would look at the photos recently taken of Miley Cyrus and her new boy Patrick Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son) and think the two were totally in love. Well they are, but it seems Miley still isn’t 100% over her ex-finance Liam Hemsworth.


Miley and Patrick were photographed holding hands and being all lovey dove, which is totes sweet. However it has been reported (and you know the internet is 100% true all the time) That Miley wants a showdown with Liam’s new woman Jennifer Lawrence.

It has been said the reason Liam won’t get back with Miley is because he has a thing for Jen. All will come to a conclusion at the christmas party of a mutual friend of the Liam, Miley and Jen.

“Miley wants a showdown” says a source

“Jen has no idea whats coming, if Liam finds out what Miley is planning he will try to put a stop to it"

Stay tuned for the Hunger Games: Miley vs Jen.

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