Posted: 18 December, 2014 by Justin Hill

Which celeb DEMANDS to be carried like a baby?

Photos prove it's true

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We love hearing about celebrities who demand ridiculous things. 

As if those 'rumours' about Ariana Grande only being photographed from the left were bad enough...

now we hear she insists on being carried everywhere.


Even if this isn't true, it's pretty funny. Imagine the poor person who gets to do that? Eh...oh well, they can add it to their 'tell all biography' that they'll write when they're out of work.

While Ari's management have vehemently DENIED this vicious diva-like rumour is true...unfortunately a pic has surfaced of Ari being carried like a baby. When we say 'surfaced' we mean, it was on her own Instagram page

Just for funsies, we thought we'd dig up some of the best celebrity diva demands

- Apparently Mariah Carey needs an assistant to get rid of her gum and another one to assist her up staircases. Lately she'd probably demand security to make sure no one leaks any of her live vocal feeds *ahem*

- Britney Spears has rightly banned junk food from her backstage rider...but still insists on having a framed picture of Princess Diana. We can't. Why?

- Will Ferrell wins though. Here's what he once demanded while on tour:

1 Electric three wheel mobility scooter

1 headset microphone (Janet Jackson style)

1 flight of stairs on wheels

1 fake tree on wheels

1 rainbow (can be painted on canvas) on wheels


Seems legit.

Tags: ariana grande, mariah carey, will ferrell, britney spears

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