Posted: 18 August, 2014 by Christian Hull

Gaga struts her stuff in simple goth get up!

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Lady Gaga just touched down in Australia wearing a very Goth outfit

When it comes to crazy ridiculous outfits the first person you think of is Gaga. She touched down in Perth, the first stop for her Aussie tour and took photo's and signed autographs for her little monsters.

She stepped out wearing what some people are calling a 'very wearable' Goth chic look. I'm no fashion critic (I'm wearing a flannel top and trackies as I write this article), but to me this looks the opposite of wearable. Sure for Gaga this outfit is pretty tame, but 'very wearable'!

For one thing, look at where her arms are, she couldn't catch a basketball in this outfit! She can't lift her arms above her shoulders. Now we know why she has 8 security catch those rogue basketballs.

However, Gaga looks amazing! We love this outfit & we can't wait to see what others she has planned!

Tags: Scoopla, Lady Gaga

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