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Redfoo Glassed at Sydney Hotel

Laceration to Head

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X Factor Australia judge and pop-singer Redfoo has been under attack at a Sydney hotel.

A paramedic was called to the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay at around 12.45am to treat the pop singer who had a glass thrown at him while he was partying in a private area with friends.

Here's the shocking moment caught on camera:

The alleged attacker - 21 year old Waverley man - tried to flee the scene after the incident but was unsuccessful and later charged with malicious contact.

Redfoo sustained a 1cm laceration to the right of his temple and was treated at the premises. He did not require stitches.

Josh Allerton witnessed the event and tweeted “Just saw @RedFoo get a bottle thrown at his head at the Golden Sheaf bleeding!Jesus Christ! What is wrong with people..Hope you're okay mate"

2DayFM Breakfast spoke to witness Josh Allerton, here's what he saw:

“He (Red Foo) came in around 11.30pm and he was there for a while. He had his own area and it was really well respected, had security guards and everything”
“About 12.45am all of a sudden someone threw a shiny object and we saw it hurt him and then it all erupted. Within 30 seconds everyone was outside watching this guy get put away in a paddy wagon
“I sympathise with him (Red Foo) so much”
“We saw a bit of blood coming from his cheek… it was more on the side of his head. I think it was a bottle but I can’t be certain”

Redfoo replied to Josh's tweet at 1.42am “jealousy is a hell of a drug!”.

The 21-year-old Waverley man will appear in court September 24.



Redfoo on Twitter: @Joshayyyy21 jealousy is a hell of a drug!

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