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Shock Block Scandal

"The Biggest Block Scandal Ever"

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Television show "The Block" has promoted the show as "the biggest Block scandal ever".

Brothers Simon and Shannon have been involved in a controversial act during the home renovation reality show. The two hid a mobile phone under a bed where judges were deliberating.

Host Scotty Cam confronted the two “So you don’t trust me? You had to record the feedback? You don’t trust what I was saying?”.

The judges were equally not impressed referring the act as "cheating" - says Shayna Blaze.

Both Simon and Shannon maintain the act was merely a harmless fun.

Judge Darren Palmer was quick to tease us on Twitter that it might not have been the first time the boys took to dirty tactics…

darren palmer on Twitter: @2dayFMbreakfast @TheBlock9 @ShaynnaBlaze @nealewhitaker It's definitely not cricket - and was it the 1st time @ShannonAndSimon had done it? darren palmer on Twitter: @2dayFMbreakfast @ShannonAndSimon Evidence would appear perhaps it was not...

Brothers Simon and Shannon tweeted back...

Shannon and Simon on Twitter: @darrenpalmerint @2dayFMbreakfast haha a cheeky morning stir Daz....;) love it!!!


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