Posted: 21 August, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Top 10 Tips For Tinder Success - With Redfoo!

How to Tinder like a star!

On Tinder? Self-professed “Tinder Master” Redfoo has some tips for you.


Redfoo recently caught up with Angus on The Bump Show recently and the musician, who called himself a “Tinder Master” during the interview has a few tips for Tinder users everywhere.

The newly single X Factor judge and rapper revealed he was using smartphone app. Tinder earlier this month and it seems he’s already a pro -  providing an indepth critique of host Angus's Tinder profile.

Redfoo admitted he mostly used the app for fun and said he was yet to have a Tinder hook up.

Redfoo’s Top Ten Tinder Tips:

1. Your photo should just be of you – unless you’re not the best looking guy/girl.

Redfoo criticises Angus’s choice of first photo – one of him and a male friend. 

“First you got a picture with you and a dude, now, I don’t really like that.  When I first see the first picture of a girl with a friend…I really don’t know who that is. But it might be cool, because if you’re really not the better looking dude then you might need some other help.”

2. There’s a fine line between funny and weird.

Redfoo wasn’t a fan of Angus’s bio where he described himself as type of dinosaur – and recommended explaining why he thought that in brackets.

“You might want to (explain that more)” he said. “Because none of the girls will know what you mean and they will just think you are weird.”

3. Sell yourself .

Redfoo encouraged Angus to say he was a radio personality in his bio.

“That should be the first thing,” he said. “Girls wanna party man…you gotta give them the goods.”

4. But you can’t look like you’re trying too hard.

“Mine just says “DJ” cause my Facebook says DJ Redfoo, so it just says DJ. I took out Redfoo by accident and I got a bunch of matches because it made me look like I’m not even trying.”

5. Choose a first pic that will grab attention.

“You need an attention-getter" he said and suggests Angus uses a selfie with Redfoo himself as a first pic.  “If it’s not going to be you, you know, with an ice bucket and a ripped shirt…. That’s how my friends are doing it. They put me in the first pic and then…you know.”

6. Let it “marinate”.

Tinder addicts – put down your phone! If you leave the app for a while, Redfoo says there’s more of a chance you’ll have matches waiting when you pick it up.

“Well you know all the first ones… if you’ve been letting it marinate. All the new ones are usually matches.”

7. Your first message must be interesting and unique.

Redfoo messaged a match from Angus’s phone, it read:

Yeah baby! Funny enough, I’m interviewing Redfoo on the radio. He says "Hello

“It just shows that we’re linked together – it gives you a little bit of status,” he explained.  

8. If you decide to meet up - dress to impress.

Redfoo admitted his signature style – including fluro and animal print was his chosen date attire. He even revealed he planned to wear animal print at his wedding! 

9.  Keep your matches close.

“I like to limit my radius – I just keep it to one to two miles or kilometres.”

10. Have fun.

“I use Tinder for fun. I’ve never done a Tinder hook up. I just like the app.”


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