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Aussie Mum Reveals Raunchy Details Of Shane Warne Tinder Hook Up

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Shane Warne has been left red-faced after a woman he had a “wild sex romp” with through Tinder sold her story to a magazine.

In the latest Woman’s Day, Adelaide mother-of-two Kim McGrath says she came across the cricket star’s profile in December last year, who was in Adelaide for a commentating gig for the Test Cricket at the time.

“I thought it was hilarious he was on Tinder … I didn’t really think it was him,” the 43-year-old told the mag.

After confirming it was the real Warnie with a few back-and-forth messages and photos, McGrath says they meet up for two dates and had “one wild romp” in an Adelaide hotel room.

“He’s very strong in the bedroom,” she revealed. “He was definitely in charge.

“He asked me to keep them [her high heels] on while he spanked me.”

In the sordid tell-all, she even alleges the single sportsman asked her if she was “up for being devoured” and labelled him “one of the best lovers” she has ever had.

“From the outset I thought it was a joke — my friend and I were rolling about laughing when I sent the message and I didn’t really believe it was Shane Warne until he walked in my door. I was blown away that it really was him,” McGrath said.

To make matters worse, he had asked the single mother, “Can I trust you? Are you private? This has to stay between us,” and a month later she’s already sold the story.

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Source: Woman's Day

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