Posted: 19 January, 2015 by Justin Hill

Car Crash Expert Lindsay Lohan Sells Insurance

It Looks Like Lindsay Has A New Job!

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Rumour is Lindsay is shooting a commercial for insurance company Esurance and apparently it's set to run during the Superbowl this year!

It kind of makes sense when you think about it. She has a pretty long list of 'incidents' when it comes to cars...


Early 2007 - Drove onto a median strip and was later arrested for DUI

Late 2007 - Accused of taking a heap of guys hostage during a wild ride in a car. Arrested for DUI

2010 - Hit a baby stroller in Hollywood

Early 2012 - Hit a parked car outside a nightclub

Late 2012 - Hit an 18 wheeler...said her brakes failed

Still in 2012 - Hit a man outside the Dream Hotel in LA


Yep. Good move Lilo.

Tags: lindsay lohan, super bowl

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