Posted: 16 January, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

EXCLUSIVE: What REALLY Happened Between Taylor Swift and Matt Healy

Matt Healy reveals the truth behind the rumours.

Matt Healy from The 1975 is NOT dating Taylor Swift - despite his admission they exchanged phone numbers.

The UK singer spoke to Shazam Top 20 hosts Angus O'Loughlin and Ash London about his alleged relationship with the superstar. 

"It is bloody fake, it's all fake, it's all a farce," he said, upon listening to worldwide media reports about their relationship. 

"We met each other, we exchanged numbers in the same way that a lot of people in this world do and we spoke ocassionally... there's no relationship or anything happening, it's funny how people really buy into that."  

Rumours the pair had started a relationship last time the singer opened up on Shazam Top 20, with the teen idol admitting he had met Taylor as his band's LA gig.  

"I met Taylor Swift, that was really nice... it was mental, it was very flattering. They were all very nice, it was a good show." 

The star also spoke about his relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles.

"There is nobody I know less than Harry Styles, there is nobody I have layed eyes on less than Harry Styles." 

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