Posted: 13 January, 2015 by Christian Hull

Golden Globes ‘Uncomfortable’ say Celebs!

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Why did the Golden Globes seem so uncomfortable?


The 2015 Golden Globes were held yesterday. Boyhood picked up 3 awards.Best actress went to Julianne Moore and best actor to Eddie Redmayne. Other winners included Maggie Gyllenhaal. Kevin Spacey and Matt Bomber.
However most people were wondering why everyone seemed to have a shine to them.

Not a good shine but a sweaty shine. Look…


How dare the air-conditioning unit malfunction. These celebrities are not regular people. They need to be kept at a constant 22 degrees or the throw hissy fits. This is actually unacceptable. The UN has been notified and action will be taken.



Tags: Scoopla, Golden Globe

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