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Harry Styles' Tattoo Nightmare. He Is So Embarrassed.

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Taylor Swift went to great lengths to prove Harry Styles got the wrong tattoo.

Could this possibly be the reason Harry and Taylor broke it off?

In a recent interview with Aussie band The Temper Trap, Pedestrian TV were told by the boys of an encounter they had with Tay Tay, that put them in a very awkward position.

In 2012, Styles got lyrics from their hit Sweet Disposition tattooed on his arm. However, he got the lyrics wrong! CLANG! 

He inked, 'won't stop 'till we surrender' instead of 'won't stop to surrender'.

The Temper Trap frontman Dougy Mandagi said…

'Harry Styles has got the wrong lyrics tattooed - he's got like a portion of the pre-chorus of Sweet Disposition...but it's wrong,'

When Styles dated Swift she pointed out to him that he had the wrong lyrics. He didn’t believe her…or just plainly refused to believe it (I am sure he Googled the lyrics and realised his mistake).


When Swift was in Australia for the ARIA awards she went right up to The Temper Trap's dressing room and asked them to write the lyrics on a piece of paper and sign it! 

'We were at the ARIAs...and her dressing room was next to ours and we get this knock on the door,'

'She was like "Hey", you know, "I'm a big fan" blah, blah, blah,

'And she goes "Ahh it's my boyfriend's birthday soon I wanna give him a present - here's a piece of paper, can you please write down the lyrics to Sweet Disposition, sign it, I wanna give it to him"

'So I had this dilemma in my mind at that point - "do I write the wrong lyrics? Do I write the right lyrics?",' Dougy laughed.

'I kept it real, I wrote the right lyrics man’

Drummer Toby Dundas adds: ‘And they broke up soon after'.

Rumour has it Styles is so embarrassed about the situation he asked Taylor not to say anything to anyone. We also know that the pair broke up after a massive fight. Could this have been the reason?

Tags: Scoopla, taylor swift, Harry Styles, The Temper Trap

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