Posted: 27 January, 2015 by Christian Hull

Howard Stern’s Verbal Attack On Sam Smith

US radio host Howard Stern went to town on British singer Sam Smith calling him “ugly & fat”.

Howard Stern you might know as a judge on America’s Got Talent. He is primarily famous for being one of the most controversial radio hosts. His show has an audience of 1.2 million people.

Last week he decided to launch a nasty attack on singer Sam Smith. Why? We don’t really know, it seems to have come totally out of the blue. We doubt Smith has done anything to piss off Stern but that didn’t stop him from losing it live on the air. Here is what he said…


“Do you know what I love about that guy? He’s an ugly motherf**ker. He’s fat. And I love it.”

“You know what, he looks gay to me. Not that anybody looks gay but he does seem effeminate.”

“I feel like that (Stay With Me) will be his only hit song. I’d like to get him in here and congratulate him on beating the odds.”


Sam Smith took the high road and simply tweeted the following:

The wonderful Bonnie Hunt (Cheaper By The Dosen & Jumanji) tweeted a message of love to Smith.

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