Posted: 5 January, 2015 by Justin Hill

Is Katy Perry in a secret relationship?

Why she doesn't want you knowing about her love life

Katy Perry has reportedly been in a relationship with DJ Diplo for a while now…she’s keeping it VERY under wraps ...but why?


Rumour is it’s because she doesn’t want the same media storm following her love life - especially after what happened with Russell Brand and John Mayer 

But there’s more to the story… and a BABY is involved!

DJ Diplo recently welcomed a baby boy (called Lazer) with his does this mean Katy is a Step Mum?

You might remember Diplo was the guy who came under fire for telling Taylor Swift to grow a butt, her BFF Lorde then called him out on it - which got us to thinking... did he just say that to impress his secret girlfriend Katy Perry? There are those rumours Taylor and Katy are feuding after all...

daddy af on Twitter Lorde on Twitter

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