Posted: 20 January, 2015 by Web Guy Joel

Ronan Keating Headbutts Pope

Tags: Dan & Maz, Ronan Keating, The Pope

The 37 year old Irish singer and X-Factor judge confessed to Dan & Maz this morning that he had a very awkward run-in with The Pope and ended up headbutting His Holiness.

The incident occurred back in 2011 when Keating was waiting in line with other celebrities to meet Pope Benedict XVI after performing at the Vatican.

“I got told all these different protocols of what you’re supposed to do and I was so mixed up by the time that he (The Pope) got to me that I had no idea what you were supposed to do,” said Ronan.

“I got so confused, I just headbutted his hand.”

“He kind of just looked at me and moved onto the next person.”

Probably should have went with a fist bump Ronan.

Tags: Dan & Maz, Ronan Keating, The Pope

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