Posted: 30 January, 2015

Ryan Gosling crashes Russell Crowe's AACTA's speech

So Ryan Gosling is now an honorary Australian

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One of the highlights of the AACTA's didn't even involve an Australian!

Russell Crowe was locked in to present the award for Best Supporting Actress in a live-cross from LA, when Ryan Gosling wandered onto camera. Then the LOL's began.

Ryan had some pretty solid schtick about Russ not winning a gong, displayed some poor geography knowledge and claimed that he was an "honorary Australian". The AACTA's crowd loved every minute.

The two are currently filming the movie The Nice Guys, which hopefully explains Gosling's 70's porn moustache.

Russell took home the Best Film award for his war drama The Water Diviner.

Tags: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, AACTA

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