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Sonia Kruger's New Baby Joy

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Sonia Kruger has gone back to work after giving birth two days earlier to a beautiful baby girl.

Kruger phoned into the show from her hospital bed, and had her co-host David Campbell in tears as she spoke about her new arrival.

"Just so you know, I have made a booking in here for your vasectomy. Any time this week should be good for you," she told Campbell.

"I have to get the vasectomy done," the father of three told Kruger during the call.

Kruger named her baby Maggie Kruger McPherson, after Kruger's mother Margaret.

The TV star also said it'd take time to adjust to the sleep deprivation.

"You hear about it, but it's not until you go through it when you go 'Wow, that's really weird. I got a total of five hours sleep, but it was like an hour here, an hour there, but it doesn't really matter, because you're on a bit of a high."

Kruger said her daughter "smells so good, I could eat her.  She's thriving."

Tags: Sonia Kruger

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