Posted: 14 January, 2015 by Justin Hill

Taylor Swift gives fan $1,989

Helps to pay for her student loan

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If you thought the season of Swift-mas was over, think again.

Taylor Swift has shocked her fans yet again by sending one of them $1,989 to pay her bills!


Swifty super fan Rebekah Bortnicker uploaded the below video to her Tumblr page recently - a montage of Taylor and her BFF's (to the tune of the Friends theme tune) - to which the 1989 singer responded with a cryptic emoji

The Friends intro featuring taylorswift... Well that's it. Taylor swift has o...

THEN a delivery man turns up at her door with a hand made painting, a poloroid, written note and a CHEQUE for $1,989

Check Bec out opening her gifts (The moment at 1:59 is a TEAR JERKER)

Opening my gifts from Taylor.

Tags: taylor swift, swiftmas

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