Posted: 21 January, 2015 by Christian Hull

Taylor Swift Surprises The Trolls

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Taylor Swift saw one of her fans being bullied online and put a stop to it.

Taylor Swift surprised a bunch of her loyal fans by sending them gifts for Christmas. It what was dubbed “Swiftmas”.

Many of her fans filmed them opening their packages and posted them to YouTube. Lucy was one of those fans. She was totally shocked to receive a package from Taylor as you can see from this video…


The video made it’s way to reddit and people were quick to comment. Many user where happy for Lucy and even a bit jealous. However there were a few that did the ole ‘anonymous’ post. 

Like this nuffy…



The great thing about Taylor is she makes sure her fans are treated nicely, and saw the comment and replied with this…



Lucy was totally over the moon that Taylor took timeout to defend her and said there were a lot of happy tears that night.

Tags: Shazam Top 20

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