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The Bachelor's Sam Frost Reveals What She's Doing With Blake's Ring

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It's been a couple of months now since Sam Frost was dumped by Blake Garvey well before The Bachelor finale went to air.

Now focus has turned to Frost's $60,000 3-carat diamond ring, and if she'd sell it to Louise.

"I've never been in a situation where I've had to sell an engagement ring so I've got no idea what to do," Frost told Dan & Maz.

On the reason that she's deciding whether or not to sell the ring, Frost says that it's a memory that she wants to put behind her.

"Yeah it kinda just makes me go well that was a bit of a joke, you just don't want that lingering around, I just wanna get rid of it."

Frost also explains that she doesn't expect to get a huge chunk of money for it.

"People keep dropping the $58,000, I don't expect to get that much."

When asked if she'd sell the ring to Blake's new girlfriend Louise (who was also a contestant on the show) Frost laughed it off.

"You joking?  I would think that is the weirdest thing on the planet, but look this is a pretty weird situation, it wouldn't surprise me...  I'd say there's a bump up [in price]."

Would you buy the ring if it ended up on eBay?

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Tags: The Bachelor, Sam Frost

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