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Does Ed Sheeran Get Invited To Hang With Taylor Swift’s Squad?

Is Ed in or out?

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Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are music-biz besties – but does that extend to hanging with her squad?

Taylor is known for having a gang of girlfriends around her at all times, but there often seems to be a bit of a “no boys allowed” vibe.

So does Taylor invite Ed to all those squad events? Finally we have the answer thanks to a 24 hour interview with Billboard.

And Ed’s answer is perfection.

"Of course," he told Billboard with a laugh. "It's not a vaginas-only club."

Starting up a new career as an albino Charlie Chaplin  

Ed also threw out this little nugget of information about their friendship. 

“It’s quite a weird thing for the No. 1 and No. 2 biggest-selling artists in the world to be close friends,” Ed said. “I don’t think that happens a lot.”

PROUD FRIEND ALERT. @teddysphotos  

We would really love to see Ed lined up on a red carpet with Taylor and her girlfriends… Can’t you just picture him next to Karlie or Selena?

Being ourselves at the VMAs.

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