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Fans Offer Their Kidneys To Lamar Odom

Would you?

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As the former NBA player’s health improves his supporters are pulling out all stops to speed up recovery.

TMZ is reporting recent brain scans on Lamar have revealed he suffered 12 strokes which have severely affected his ability to walk and talk. He’ll need months of physical therapy needed to try and get back on track.

Right now Lamar’s medical team are stuck as his kidneys have failed, so it’s looking likely he’ll need a transplant. Cue his super cool fans and their offers of their actual kidneys - yes we’re serious.

Fans have taken to Twitter with the offers sent direct to his wife Khloe Kardashian herself:

GoingBreezyMode on Twitter

jackie b on Twitter

Ruby Cazares on Twitter

We’re hoping Lamar has a speedy recovery and gets the help he needs (fan donated kidney and all)!

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