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Is Russell Brand Slamming Katy Perry In His New Documentary?

Russell vs Katy

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Russell Brand has a new documentary coming out which seems to take aim at ex-wife Katy Perry and her “vacuous” lifestyle.

BRAND: A Second Coming chronicles Russell’s journey from an addict, self-proclaimed narcissist and Hollywood star to his current position as a political disruptor and activist. 

But one major bump along the road in Russell’s story is his marriage and divorce from Katy – and it looks like the film won’t be shying away from that period in his life. A new trailer from the documentary has just been released, and Katy’s presence is definitely felt. 

BRAND: A Second Coming (Official Trailer)

Early in the trailer a little girl can be seen saying to Russell, “You married Katy Perry!” His response? “Shut up about that!” 

Russell is later seen saying, "Oh my f--king god. I'm living this life of the very thing I detest…vapid, vacuous celebrity" as the footage cuts to a shot of him and Katy together.

The Daily Mail is also reporting that during the film Russell is seen telling his friend Stephen Merchant that he doesn’t think his marriage will last.

"It's definitely good I'm with someone I love. But it's not a resolution to anything spiritual. This is my suspicion, that at some point, to be happy, I'm going to have to walk away,” he reportedly says.

Another scene apparently shows Noel Gallagher admitting he knew they would eventually split.

Katy and Russell married in 2010, and filed for divorce 14 months later. Their marriage and split were also chronicled in Katy’s 2012 documentary Part Of Me.

Tags: katy Perry, russell brand, divorce, documentary

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