Posted: 26 October, 2015 by Dean McCarthy

Meet Kylie’s $50k Dog

That’s One Precious Puppy

Tags: Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Shazam Top 20

Kylie Jenner just paid $50,000 for a dog. As you do!? Meet the cute little button that cost the same amount of money as a new BMW...

Rolly 💲💲💲

This is Rolly. He’s an English bulldog and he’s totally adorable, but he will set you back a lot of cash!

Tyga and Kylie introduced fans to the dog and captioned the pics with dollar signs. How very fitting.

The scrunch-faced tri-colored dog was apparently a gift from Jeremy Green, the CEO of PingTank.

Me & my best friends

Kylie is already the proud mama to three miniature greyhounds, Norman, Bambi and Sophia. In August, Kylie also welcomed a pet rabbit to the family, named Bruce.

Tags: Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Shazam Top 20

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