Posted: 21 November, 2015 by Julia

Adele Entered A Competition For Adele Impersonators And Blew Everyone Away

Their reactions were priceless!

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Adele can do anything. We all know that. Her voice is legendary. Her songs are iconic. 

But how would she go if she went up against a bunch of Adele impersonators?  Graham Norton decided to help her find out.

Adele got dressed up as “Jenny”, complete with prosthetics, a slower voice and a lot of makeup to perform in front of a group of people who should be able to recognise her in any situation. A group of Adele impersonators. 

They didn’t recognise her while they were waiting backstage, but as soon as she started to sing something clicked and everyone realised they were staring at the real Adele.

Adele at the BBC: When Adele wasn't Adele... but was Jenny!

Their reactions when they worked it out were absolutely priceless. 

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Tags: adele, graham norton, impersonators, funny video

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