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How Much Does Ed Sheeran Make For Just One Show?


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Just another reason for us all to be jealous of Ed Sheeran… no wonder he’s taking a break next year!


Ed Sheeran is currently on his ‘X World Tour’ to promote his second album.

Britain’s newspaper, ‘The Mirror’ has revealed that Ed is making a massive amount of cash each night.

He makes $136,000 a show... Yup,  believe it.


He started in August last year and will wrap up the tour next month.

In just the first half of his tour, he pocketed $9.5 million.

Once again, #goals.

Ed’s bank account is set to get even heavier after his concert film 'Jumpers For Goalposts' is released.

The film was recorded over three-nights at London’s Wembley Stadium in front of 270,000 fans.

According to ‘The Sunday Times Rich List’, Ed comes in at number seven on the list of richest musicians under 30!

Ed has revealed that he will be going on a music break next year; he wants to completely shut off from the industry and focus on himself.

It was also reported that he was going to work in a retail store for free and help out at youth centres.

Honestly, can this guy be anymore amazing?

Ed is set to head to Australia to finish his ‘X’ tour, and it’s rumoured that he will be joining Taylor Swift during one of her Aussie shows for a surprise performance!

Okay, I’m so keen for this!

By the time his tour will end, he will have played 179 shows in total.


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