Posted: 5 November, 2015 by Sohan Judge

Jessica Mauboy Has Revealed Why She Bailed On Her Melbourne Cup Performance

She is OK, everyone.

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Jessica Mauboy disappeared minutes before she was expected to sing the national anthem at the Emirates Melbourne Cup this week, and now she’s revealed why she was a no-show.

Jess tweeted to her followers, "thank you to everyone for all the messages of concern, I am OK."

"I am so sorry I didn't perform at the Melbourne Cup yesterday, I was really looking forward to it and of all the days for things to go wrong, unfortunately this was the one. I am so sorry to everyone for the disappointment xxxx JM"

 According to nearby sources, backing singer Nadia Aya had 30 seconds to warm up before filling in for Jess.

Yesterday rumours were going around suggesting Jess was overwhelmed by a last minute wardrobe kerfuffle. Some say that it was a problem with Jess’ shoes not matching a retail sponsor.

Jess is known for her professionalism and work ethic, and has been travelling all around Australia recently to promote her latest single This Ain’t Love.

Her management team also released a statement. "There was a lot going on yesterday and there was miscommunication with her styling team, unfortunately by the time it was resolved the call time had been missed."

“Jess is deeply apologetic and devastated that she disappointed fans and racegoers and wasn’t able to perform at such a prestigious event.”

We're so glad she is okay.

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