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Johnny Depp Gets Emotional As He Reveals What Inspired Him To Help Sick Kids

His daughter's illness changed him

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Johnny Depp is one of those A-list actors who usually keeps his private life a secret.

So it was a surprise that he decided to open up on The Graham Norton Show when asked about why he likes to go to hospitals dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

A clearly emotional Johnny explained it was because when his daughter Lily-Rose was seven she contracted an E.coli infection that almost killed her. 

"I've known darkness in my life, but that was the darkest period ever," Johnny said.

So the actor decided he would do everything he could to cheer up children who were in a similar position.

"I've always kind of done these visits, but after that the visits became more and more important," he explained. "Because the kids, bless them, you know they're so strong, they're so courageous -- but the parents are the ones who are slowly dying. And to be able to bring a smile or a giggle to these people is -- it means everything in the world to me."

Johnny Depp Gets Emotional Talking His Daughter's Illness - The Graham Norton Show  

Lily-Rose is now 16, and has started her own acting and modelling career.

Check out Johnny visiting a hospital as Captain Jack Sparrow in the video below.


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