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Olly Murs Tried To Flirt With Jennifer Lawrence But Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Giving it his best shot!

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Olly Murs got the chance to meet Jennifer Lawrence, his ultimate dream girl – and he kind of blew it.

Olly had admitted during a BBC Radio 1 interview that the person he’d most like to kiss was none other than JLaw. When host Nick Grimshaw realised he actually had an interview with Jen and her Hunger Games co-stars lined up, he asked Olly to come along.

Nick straight away told Jen, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth that Olly was “the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan in the world", and then it was on.

Haha seriously need to go back to flirting school after meeting Miss Lawrence 😂🙈💋

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But while Jen was at the top of her game, Olly’s attempts to flirt fell kind of flat.

"Who's your ideal type of man?" Olly asked.

"I'm gonna start with English," Jen answered. 

"Amazing," he said.

"Um, I I don't have enough information to be able to list out all of your qualities, 'cause we just met" she said. "But, you know, you seem really wonderful."

Watch the hilarity in the video below, and fall even deeper in love with Jen (and Olly!) than ever before.

Jennifer Lawrence meets Olly Murs. He awkwardly "flirts" *CRINGE*  


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