Posted: 13 November, 2015 by @jus_hill

Stars On Stage Stacks That Will Make You Cringe

So the last thing you want to happen to you when you’re a massive star performing on stage is a) have your ex in the crowd OR b) stacking it on stage.

It seems as though Michael from 5 Seconds Of Summer just isn’t having ANY luck lately when it comes to having accidents while performing.

Recently he LITERALLY caught on fire while on stage in the UK after getting way too close to the pyrotechnics… frying off his hair – luckily he made a full recovery.

Michael Clifford's hair and face on Fire during 5SOS Concert DIFFERENT ANGLES

And then just this week, bad luck struck again while he was performing at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards…he plain old fell off the stage.

BBC Radio 1 on Twitter

He’s not the only star to have had an on-stage spill – let’s have a look who’s taken a trip…and promise not to laugh…too much.

Ariana Grande was counting her steps, five, six, seven, eight…but then totally missed that last one…

Ariana Grande does a Madonna and FALLS OVER on stage during live performance

Katy Perry thought it would be fun to dive into this ENORMOUS cake…but she didn’t wear appropriate cake diving footwear.

katy perry falls in cake Then slips

And who can forget this epic recovery from Taylor Swift as she slipped down some steps after performing on New Years Eve?

Taylor Swift Falls Down Stairs

Damn you Taylor Swift, you’re so perfect – she even falls better than we do…

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