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Celebs Who Have Quit The Twit

Don't expect a like or a follow from these guys...

It was a sad week this week when Ed Sheeran revealed he was giving up on social media. He revealed in a post to his 5.5. million followers that he’d had enough of his social medias and needed to have a break for a while and catch up with his mates he’d been neglecting.


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While the rest of us frantically check our phones to see how many likes our latest picture of our breakfast has in the last 4 minutes since we posted it… people like Ed, just need to get away from it all for a bit. They need to Quit The Twit so to speak.

So who else has farewelled Facebook, said goodbye to the Gram and sayonara to Snapchat? 

Well a few actually…

Iggy Azalea has quit social media a few times. This first time was in February, when she claimed she was being verbally abused all day long. 

She did return though and there’s a little secret way to tell HER Tweets from her managements – she puts a little IA at the end.

IGGY AZALEA on Twitter

Back in June she got super upset when photographers used a zoom lense to get photos of her at her home, behind 6 foot high fences, so she gave Instagram the flick too…

Until further notice Iggy's Instagram will be run by management. Iggy is taking a break from social media. She loves all her Azaleans!!

Adele banned HERSELF from using Twitter after she got a bit worried about what she might write after having a few wines. 

Apparently if she ever wants to Tweet ANYTHING, she has to get her management to check it first!

Just wondering Adele, this Tweet about wanting to be Robbie Williams when you grow up, was that one that slipped through after a chardy or two?

Adele on Twitter

Finally former One Directioner Zayn Malik quit Twitter for a total of 48 hours back in 2012. Things were just too stressful for him, he was sick of it and he didn’t need the negativity ok? Well 2 days later he was back.

Just admit it Zayn, you’re just like us! Aaaaand if you want to follow me, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter @jus_hill … go on, give me follow… please?


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