Posted: 4 December, 2015 by Dean McCarthy

Chris Brown Stalls Police Investigation

Star Stays Mum On Thugs

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According to reports, Chris Brown has been avoiding helping the police conduct their investigation into his home invasion, where his aunt was held at gunpoint.

As Scoopla reported, four men allegedly broke into Chris' mansion in July and took off with cash and other items.

The most horrifying part – they held his aunt at gunpoint and locked her in a cupboard.

So dreadful.


According to TMZ, the singer is dragging his feet when it comes to helping with their investigation. The police have asked him for a specific list of what was stolen, but he won’t provide it.

Other sources say that Chris knows who did it and doesn’t want to ‘snitch’ on them, for some unknown reason.

At the moment, the best lead the police have is fingerprints off an item that suspects dropped while fleeing the scene, but so far they haven’t found a match yet. 

Tags: Chris Brown, Home Invasion, Shazam Top 20

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