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Is Jennifer Garner Dating Her Former Co-Star Patrick Dempsey?

Has she found her McDreamy after splitting from Ben Affleck?

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Jennifer Garner has been caught up in a whirlwind of drama this year following her separation from Ben Affleck. But has she found love with one of her former co-stars?

The mystery man she might be dating is none other than her Valentine’s Day co-star Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy. A source told OK! Magazine they got together “a few months back” when Jennifer asked Patrick out for coffee.

“They've been friends for years... it was only natural for them to confide in each other,” the source said. “As soon as they started talking, the spark was evident to both of them. Jen was relieved - and excited.”

They later went on a second date “that ended up lasting a whole weekend.”

“Patrick has been treating her like a queen. It's refreshing after Ben.”

Patrick has been busy in London filming Bridget Jones's Baby, while Jennifer is still in LA looking after her kids.

“They Skype all the time, and are constantly texting back and forth, even with the time difference,” the source said, adding, “Jen is so happy... It's been so long since she's felt this way with anyone.”

Jennifer and Patrick’s on-screen relationship in Valentine’s Day was definitely not the definition of true love. Jen played Julia, an elementary school teacher who was dating Patrick’s character Dr Harrison Copeland – but she later busted him with his secret wife.

the liyin stinkin pig- valentines day

However the source says that ”they had great chemistry and it was obvious to everyone around them” while they were on set.

Jen and Ben Affleck announced they were divorcing earlier this year, amidst rumours he cheated on her with their nanny. According to reports, Jennifer and Ben are actually still living on the same property while they attempt to co-parent their children. 

There has been no confirmation of the rumours from Jennifer or Patrick's teams.

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