Posted: 3 December, 2015 by Carly Heading

Mariah Carey Rushed To Hospital

We hope she gets better soon!

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Mariah Carey has made family and friends extremely worried this morning after she was rushed to hospital.

It’s believed she is hooked up to IVs in a New York hospital.

Mariah fell ill quite fast with the flu.

TMZ have reported that Mariah is getting pumped full of fluids and vitamins to fight off the flu.

She was rushed to the emergency room with dehydration after she started feeling sick after an appearance at Pier 1 in NYC on Tuesday.

Mariah has a concert in New Jersey on Saturday night, but at this stage she might not be playing.

If she stays the way that she is, Mariah could be getting released later today.

We hope she gets better soon!

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