Posted: 17 December, 2015 by Zoe

Pizza Hut Offer One Direction Jobs As Their Hiatus Begins

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If the 1D boys get bored during their 18-month break and are looking for a little cash, they can apparently count on Pizza Hut for a favour. 

After One Direction’s final performance before their hiatus, Liam jokingly sent out this Tweet: 

Pizza Hut UK, who also happen to be major 1D fans, took this as an opportunity to offer the boys an exciting new career in the world of pizza! 

Taking to twitter, Pizza Hut replied: 


They apparently also hit up Harry, writing: 

"Your shift starts at 11am tomorrow. Please bring your CV. Congratulations again on your new job.” 


When the boys finished their final performance, Pizza Hut took to Twitter to share their emotions with other Directioners.

We feel your pain Pizza Hut, we feel your pain.  


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Tags: scoopla, stars, food, Pizza Hut, One Direction

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