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Taylor Swift Is Trying To Trademark Swiftmas And 1989

She'll write your name... on a legal document

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Taylor Swift is pulling out the big guns to try and protect “words and phrases” associated with her album 1989.

Taylor is trying to trademark terms like “Swiftmas”, “Blank Space”, “And I’ll write your name” and even “1989”, according to Buzzfeed.

Yes, she wants to trademark the year of her birth. However, since it is impossible to trademark a year she is actually seeking to protect 1989 when written in this particular format:


So basically a logo. And to be honest, that is a pretty normal thing to do. You’ve got to protect your artwork.

You might remember that Taylor tried to trademark the phrase “this sick beat” way back in January. That was widely ridiculed, but trademarking Swiftmas is actually kind of genius. It’s her own personal celebration of Christmas, and you can see how she did it last year in this video:

Taylor Swift's Gift Giving of 2014  

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