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Watch Kris Jenner Awkwardly Sell $100 Candles In A 90’s Infomercial

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For your daily dose of *cringe*, here's an old video of Kris Jenner that has recently resurfaced and confused everyone in the KUWTK community. 

In the video below, Kris is found trying to sell these $100 candles... which, wait for it, supposedly bring their owners wealth and love. 

But it get's better than that. The Kardashian matriarch is donning a cream coloured pant suit. 

The voiceover and video editing reminds you that this is straight out of the awkward 90's and is definitely something that Kris would never be caught dead doing nowadays. 

Kris Jenner talks Candle Magic, Real Spiritual Results for Money, Love, Luck and Health SPELLS

We wonder how many people these brought wealth and love to? 

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Well, isn't this awkward!

Tags: Scoopla, Stars, Kris Jenner, KUWTK

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