Posted: 3 February, 2015 by Justin Hill

Katy Perry's TACKY Superbowl Tattoo

See it here!

Tags: katy perry, tattoo, john mayer

It seems as though Katy Perry was SUPER pumped about her Superbowl performance yesterday and while we agree that she slayed it, unfortunately afterwards she went and did something that not everyone is going to like.

She got a tattoo to celebrate.

Katy showed off her new finger tattoo on her Instagram account - it says XLIX - the roman numerals for the 49th Super Bowl.

Sorry Katy, we love you - but this is tack-o-rama.

In more Katy Perry news, she was spotted partying with her old flame John Mayer - does this mean they've rekinded their love? Hmmmm....

Just don't get John's name tattooed on you Katy.


Tags: katy perry, tattoo, john mayer

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