Posted: 3 February, 2015 by Dan Hill

Taylor Swift’s Instagram Surprise!

Ellen Pompeo And Mariska Hargitay Basically Made Taylor Swift’s Dreams Come True

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There’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is borderline crazy cat lady. And if you haven’t noticed she named her cats after characters from her fave TV shows.

First up, there was Meredith. Named after TV’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ character - Meredith Grey.

Cat lady.

And last year, she brought Olivia Benson into the world - who’s name is shared by the character on Law & Order SVU.

Meet Olivia Benson.

Then at the Super Bowl, the ladies who play both these characters (A.K.A Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay) posed for a photo, and dedicated it to good ole Swizzle Stick.

This one goes out to @TaylorSwift13 @taylorswift #CatsOutOfTheBag #NFL #NationalFelineLeague #MeowMeow #CatsMeow

It blew her tiny little mind and did what she does oh so often - took to twitter to expel her genuine surprise!

Taylor Swift on Twitter

Tags: Scoopla, Stars, Taylor Swift, Cats

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