Posted: 18 February, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

The Unexpected Thing Miley HATES!

It's tough being Miley!

It must be tough being Miley Cyrus

The 22 –year-old singer has claimed she doesn’t enjoy shopping as she “doesn’t feel welcome”.

Despite being worth a tidy $150 million, Miley has likened shopping on LA’s Rodeo Drive to Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman character’s experience.

"You've seen 'Pretty Woman', obviously. Well, they are actually like that,” she told Style magazine.

"If you walk in, they give you the worst look you've ever seen, and I am too outspoken to deal with those kinds of people."

She said she often feels judged by people but that she won’t change to conform to their expectations.

She also revealed she does her own make-up as she is a “control freak”.

"I do my own because [otherwise] you sit in a chair and then, all of a sudden, you come out and you're not you any more. That freaks me out.”

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