Posted: 23 March, 2015 by Dean McCarthy

Bieber’s Egg Victim Throws Back!

$80k in damages just won’t cut it

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Justin Bieber’s fancy ex-neighbor wanted one million dollars after the infamous egging escapade left his reputation scrambled. What’s he demanding now?



We know that Bieber was forced to pay Jeff Schwartz $80,000 in damages (a pretty steep cost to hose down a house), but alas, the pretty pop star coughed up the dough.

Today it has been revealed that Schwartz originally demanded a whopping one million dollars, claiming the incident fried his reputation. He believes he will always be “the guy who Bieber egged”.

According to reports, Schwartz thinks it’s time to throw back, but he’s not packing poultry, he’s ready with another lawsuit. With Bieber now being a “Roast” survivor, we think the singer can handle anything his neighbor hits him with.

This lawsuit certainly isn’t the first Tinsel Town has seen. Scoopla checks out some of Hollywood’s most fabulous, fraudulent and frivolous court cases!


Rihanna’s $5m Top Shop Saga!

The bombshell from Barbados took the stylish suspect to court after they used her face on a T-Shirt. As it turns out, that his highly illegal and the retailer paid up every pretty penny.


Prince’s $22m Fan Fiasco!

 Prince rarely makes headlines these days, but in January 2014 the world couldn’t escape his dramatic $22m lawsuit against Facebook Fan pages and websites. He reported that they shared footage from his concerts and he wasn’t having it.


Nicki Minaj’s $30m Wig Wipeout! 

The curvaceous star was sued by her former hair stylist, after he claimed that she stole wig designs off him. The hair-raising incident was thrown out of court due to lack of sufficient evidence.


Lindsay Lohan’s $100m Baby Blues!

In 2010 LiLo filed a suit against financial services company E-Trade, claiming its TV commercial “used her name and characterization” without her permission. A fictitious baby named Lindsay was a “milkaholic” in the campaign, so LiLo took them to court for $100m in damages.


Miley’s $4 Billion Squinted Selfie!

When Miley Cyrus squinted her eyes in a photo back in 2009, a Los Angeles woman named Lucie J. Kim claimed that it violated civil rights of Asian Pacific Islanders, then sued the star for $4 Billion. Miley repeatedly apologized and nine months later the case was dismissed. 

Tags: JustinBieber, MileyCyrus, LindsayLohan, Rihanna, TopShop, Lawsuit, NickiMinaj, Prince, Scoopla

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