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Robert Downy Jr. Surprises A Young Boy With A Prosthetic Ironman Arm

WATCH: As young Alex freaks out!

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Young Alex was presented with his new right arm. He didn’t realise ‘Ironman’ himself would be giving it to him.

Not only is this story an amazing one for 7 year old Alex Pring, but it’s also a story about how Albert Manero and a team of engineering students have decided not to profit from their invention and share it with the world.

Last Saturday Alex received an amazing gift. The 7 year old is missing his right arm from just above the elbow. He was given a brand new robotic arm, designed by a volunteer group started by Albert Manero, an engineering student with a PhD from the University of Central Florida.


To make the gift even more amazing, Tony Stark aka Ironman (in character) presented young Alex with his new arm. Mr Stark showed Alex two arms, one from ‘Stark Industries’ and the one Alex was getting. The highlight of the video is when one of Alex’s parents asks him if he knows who ‘that’ is (Robert Downey Jr.). When the boy says “Ironman” Downey Jr. loses it and begins to fist pump the air in excitement.

The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Alex’s mum Alyson told CNN that he is a huge super hero fan.

"He didn't question it much, so we kind of just went with it,"

"Afterward, I asked, 'Why were you so quiet?' He said, 'I was freaking out!' "

The creator of the arm, Albert Manero met Alex through E-Nable, a volunteer network that matches people who have 3D printed with children who need limbs. An amazing organisation providing people with well needed inexpensive limbs.

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