Posted: 23 March, 2015 by Dean McCarthy

Scott: Nobody Got Time For This!

The reality star shocks by skipping rehab

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GETTY IMAGESScott Disick is checking out of rehab because he’s too busy.

The reality star will leave a Costa Rica rehab facility and head first class back to Cali tomorrow, after just one week of treatment. Reports are flying that he just doesn’t have time to stick it out another 2 weeks to finish the course.

So where is Kourtney while all this is going on? Instead of being by her ‘mans side’ she’s been ‘poolside’ in Las Vegas.


The curvy star has copped criticism for partying it up at the luscious Cosmopolitan Hotel in sin city, while hubby gets help.

Ironically, Scott decided to check-out of rehab on the same day that Kourtney applauded his choice to be there. 

Tags: ScottDisick, KourtneyKardashian, LasVegas, Rehab

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