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Woman Caught Out Leading Fake Life Online

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Let’s be honest, we all lie about/exaggerate/filter a lot of stuff we post on social media… but what this woman did is a whole new level of crazy!

32-year-old Spanish actress Anna Allen, who's career wasn't going anywhere after some minor success back home in Spain, decided to get a little creative with what she's been up to... but her fans just figured out it was all a lie!

She recently posted the above pic from her supposed trip to the Oscars last week but her Instagram followers were quick to pick up the horrendous Photoshopping, so they began digging a little deeper... and that was just the tip of the iceberg!

It turns out a photo she posted of her Oscars invite was actually that of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, with a bit of cropping.

Well, she was there last year so maybe they got it wrong... NO THEY DIDN'T!

Anna's fans then discovered she had also lied about her role on The Big Bang Theory, with yet another dodgy Photoshop job:

But she did manage to score a role on White Collar because she's besties with Matt Bomer... or did she?

And this is where things get really creepy interesting! Anna has some bizarre obsession with actress Sophie Bush, who played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, and steals nearly every pic that she posts!

She even stole the exact caption from this post!

At least Anna's photo shoots are real... NOPE!

Well, she was in some dramas with Jonny Lee Miller on the BBC. Oh wait...

It's ok guys it's not all lies, this tweet came from her agency:

Actually, it's fake agency with only 63 followers, a broken link to a web page, and only tweets about Anna!

So it's official, this woman has literally fabricated her entire career! Since being caught out, Anna has deleted her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, which is probably the best decision she's made her whole fake career!

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Tags: Scoopla, Stars, Anna Allen, Fake, Oscars, Lupita Nyong’o, The Big Bang Theory, Matt Bomer

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