Posted: 29 July, 2015 by @nicholland

Beyonce who? Fans think Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy

Here we go...

Kim Kardashian posted a cute pic to her Instagram last night with the caption 'Good night baby' - but the Insta-post was inunadted with comments from fans who believe Kim is faking her pregnancy.

Apparently, in candids from earlier in the day, her belly looks much smaller while wearing the same outfit. 

Many people have also begun comparing her first pregnancy to this one - with one fan pointing out that Kim has yet to show off her bare belly.

"She was genuinely obese last pregnancy. Her face, her arms, everything. She was literally like a weale last time. This time she looks amazing. No weight gain ANYWHERE but her belly", said @ellecultt.

"Post a selfie in a bikini....if its true preg so no fear to hide....waiting pic in a bikini...your sister did", said @tami_929.

Why might she do this? Some are speculating it's becuse she might have had trouble conceiving, others are saying it's because she will get "a gazillion dollars for getting your pre baby body back in 3 wks".

Take a look at the pics for yourself below.

Good night baby


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