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Ten Weird Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

They did what!?

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Celebrities don’t just emerge from the womb as fully functioning famous people – most of them had to work in normal jobs before they hit the big time.

But while most celebs spent time working as waiters, bartenders and baristas before getting their big break, some had some much more unique jobs.

These are ten of the weirdest pre-fame celeb jobs.

Christopher Walken – Lion Tamer

He’s a legendary actor, but Christopher Walken spent a summer when he was 16 taming lions in a circus. He had to pretend to be the son of the circus owner, and the lion he tamed was called Sheba. He described her as being “like a house cat”.

Whoopi Goldberg – Mortuary Beautician

Before winning an Oscar Whoopi Goldberg made a living working as a mortuary beautician. What exactly is that, you ask? Well if a family requests an open casket funeral then someone needs to make the corpse look nice. And that’s what Whoopi did.

Matthew McConaughey – Chicken Coop Cleaner

To make some extra cash a very young Matthew McConaughey cleaned chicken coops – which basically means shovelling up bird poo. And where did he do this illustrious job? In Australia, where he lived for a few months as an exchange student. We’re so proud.

Chris Pratt – Cheap Stripper

We all know that Channing Tatum worked as a stripper, but it turns out Jurassic World star Chris Pratt did too! Only he wasn’t very good at it, and only charged $40 for the various bachelorette and birthday parties he performed at. When he actually scored an audition for a real strip club he got turned down.

Megan Fox – Banana Mascot

Megan got into the acting game pretty young, but she still found time in her teenage years for one very weird job. She worked in a smoothie shop, and one of her regular tasks was to dress up in a banana costume and stand on a highway to attract customers to her store.

Tim Allen – Drug Dealer

Tim Allen was the dad everyone wanted in the 90s. But back in the 70s he made his money from drug dealing - until he was caught at an airport in Michigan with 650 grams of cocaine. He spent two years in jail and vowed to turn his life around. Which he did!

Mick Jagger – Mental Hospital Porter

What better place for a 17-year-old Mick Jagger to work than at Bexley Hospital, a mental hospital in England. He was a porter, which basically meant he did any errands which needed doing. Oh and apparently this was also the location of his very first romantic encounter!

Jon Hamm – Softcore Porn Set Dresser

Jon Hamm spent years as a jobbing actor before making it big in Mad Men, so to make ends meet he turned to porn. Except he didn’t appear on screen. Jon was a softcore porn set dresser. His job was to arrange props and furniture on set before filming started. He took the job because it paid $150 a day, and has since referred to it as “soul-crushingly depressing”.

Jerry Springer – Mayor

Before he was a talk show host, Jerry Springer had a very respectable career as a politician. He was the Mayor of Cincinnati from 1971 – 1974, but it all ended in a very Jerry Springer way. He admitted to hiring a prostitute and resigned from office. He eventually became a news anchor and then found himself hosting one of the weirdest talk shows of all time.

George Clooney – Tobacco Farmer

Everyone’s favourite silver fox was turned off smoking for life after spending his summers working on his grandparents’ tobacco farm. His job was to cut up the tobacco, and it was tough physical work. He also sold women's shoes, worked construction and sold insurance door to door.

And now they’re all rich and famous. 

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