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The Kardashians’ New Websites Have Already Been Hacked

Did we learn nothing from Ashley Madison!?

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This week the Kardashian-Jenner clan launched new websites and apps. Someone immediately decided to hack them.

If you somehow missed the exciting news, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall all launched their own apps and websites this week. Kourtney fans shouldn’t stress, because hers is on the way!

thank you Apple #MyBossLadies

Well one tech savvy Internet user decided to see just how secure those websites were. And with just a few minutes of hacking he was able to expose the user details of every person who had signed up.

In his own words, this is what Alaxic from Medium did while exploring Kylie Jenner’s site: 

“Just for fun, I decided to un-minify this file to see what kind of data they were collecting from users and other metrics they may be tracking.”

After digging a little deeper he came across a page filled with user data. He initially thought it was dummy data, but then realised it was real. 

He said, “I now had access to the first names, last name, and email addresses of the 663,270 people who signed up for Kylie Jenner’s website. I then noticed that I could do the same API call across each of the websites and return the same exact data for each site. I also had the ability to create / destroy users, photos, videos, and more.”

Tribe #yeezyseason2

He also discovered that way more people were interested in Kylie’s website than anything else:

User Stats (as of 09/15/2015 2:27 AM PST)

Kylie Jenner: 663,270 Users
Kim Kardashian: 80,679 Users
Kendall Jenner: 50,756 Users
Khloe Kardashian: 96,635 Users
Total Users: 891,340

Don’t stress if you’re a user of one of these apps or websites! Instead of using this information for evil, Alaxic let the developers know about the problems so they could fix them. 



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