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The Moment Backstage At The Emmy’s That Everyone Missed

So touching...

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Amy Schumer’s pressroom interview after she won her Emmy has been posted online and it’s hilarious and emotionally perfect.

Pressroom interviews are usually boring and repetitive; of course Amy took it to the next level.

While she made fun of people in the room and had quick and sarcastic answers,  she surprised us all when she spoke about her famous Kim and Kanye moment.

Earlier this year, Amy was on a red carpet with Kimye and decided to fall in front of them and ruin their photos…

While we all thought it was Amy being funny like her usual self… she actually had a very good reason behind it.

When she explains herself, she completely switches and shows a more personal side.

It starts about a minute into the video.

Emmys 2015 | Amy Schumer's Hilarious Post-Awards Interview

She wanted to prove to people that no one is perfect and no one is more special than someone else…

We just fell in love with her even more.

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Tags: Amy Schumer, Emmy's, Red, Carpet, TV, Stars, Trending

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