Posted: 28 September, 2015 by Dean McCarthy

Why Did Cops Shut Down Kanye’s After-Party?

Not Happy Jan

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Kanye West might be a possible future President, but he received no special treatment over the weekend – after cops apparently shut down his private party!


It really wasn’t a good weekend for Kanye.

The Yeezus superstar performed a sell-out concert at the Hollywood Bowl last night, and had planned a super cool (and seriously VIP) after party at a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Well, poor Kanye hadn’t even arrived before the police shut it down and sent everyone home. #PartyFail

According to the source, neighbors in the swanky suburb called the cops after there were ‘too many people’, it was ‘too late’ and there was ‘too much noise.’

Meanwhile, Kanye’s concert the night before was also a bit of a disaster.

The concert started perfectly, but half way through the tracks became out of sync with Kanye’s voice, then at one point he ordered the music to stop. Awkward.

Apparently he was so late for the rehearsal on Thursday night that by the time he got there it was too late (due to noise restrictions), so they sent him home. No rehearsal before a live show? #RookieMistake

Love this shoot I did with @stevengomillion for my app & website 💦

Let’s not throw a pity party for Kanye though. He is married to like the hottest woman in the world (Kim Kardashian).. things could be much worse.

Tags: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Shazam Top 20

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